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FrontPage News
U.S. Crew detained in China
F-8 Chinese fighter pilot says collision U.S. error
Full Story
U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell on Friday said negotiations to release 24 detained U.S. military personnel.
Full Story
Satellite image of the plane on Hainan runway from Space
Chinese point of view
Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Zhu Bangzao wants prompt explanation and apology. The Full Story

In Williamsport, Pennsylvania today (4-4-01) - A 14-year-old girl ( she shot and wounded a classmate at a parochial school) was sentenced to a psychiatric facility for an open-ended term- Full story at CNN

Good News
SINGAPORE -- Surgery underway to try to separate 10-month-old conjoined twins from Nepal.
Beef Anyone?
Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy
CDC has the scoop

INEEL Contractor Failed to Protect Workers from Radiation and Chemical Hazards. Organization Calls for Full Scale Investigation of Depleted Uranium Incinerator at SMC Facility

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Nuclear Waste

Poverty Stats
* Since 1980-female prison population up 275%
* 90% of women in prison are single mothers
* 167,000 children have incarcerated mothers
* 80% Women report incomes less than $2000 a year
* 92% report less than $10,000 last year
* 1980: 33% of federal prisoners were people of color
* 1995: 64% 1,471 African Americans per 100,000 were incarcerated
* 1995 / 207 whites per 100,000 incarcerated
* 1995:Whites account for 52% of all crack users in Prison
African Americans: 38%
* Of those sentenced for crack offenses
88% were African American
4.1% were white
* It costs Less to go to Harvard University for a year than to pay for a person in prison for a year.
* 1994 92% of federal inmates were incarcerated for non-violent crimes.
Juvenile LAW
History of the Juvenile Death Penalty
State-by-State Differences in Sentencing
(Streib, 2000).From 1973 - 2000 Texas holds the record for handing out death sentences to juvenile offenders under the age of 18. Total count 49 = 16 latinos, 23 black, 10 white.
Coordinating Council on Juvenile Justice and Deliquency Prevention
This site states that in 1988 Lewis and colleagues conducted diagnostic evaluations of 14 of the 37 Juveniles on death row in the U.S.
*All 14 had sustained head injuries as children
*9 had major neuropsychological disorders
*7 had psychiatric disturbances
*7 psychotic disorders since childhood
*7 psychotic at time of evaluation
*ONLY 2 had IQ's over 90 (100 is average)
*ONLY 3 had average reading abilities
*3 learned to read on death row
*12 reported being abused physically or sexually or both
*5 reported being sodomized by relatives

Prevention and Early Intervention Programs
Adolescents whose mothers received home visitation services by a nurse, 10 years later were 60 percent less likely to have been convicted of a crime than adolescents whose mothers had not received this service. 55 percent less likely to have been arrested.

Eye Editorial * in my opinion...
>> 4-6-01
In ERIE, Pa. A 9-year-old girl brings a loaded handgun to her elementary school and is suspended.
There was also something about the father being charged - Is the girl going to be in any type of "court ordered" therapy?
and is the family going to be investigated and in therapy? Or is she going to be another one that slips through the cracks and years from now sits in jail, nameless? Isn't it time that we do something before the seed is planted? And not wait until it's too late???
Full Story at CNN
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